Direct Access to Professionals

Teacher Guardian members simply call our toll-free number, give their name, and are connected immediately with experienced educational labor representatives or directly to one of our experienced labor attorneys. No one at Teacher Guardian is tasked with limiting our members' access to our professionals. Everyone at Teacher Guardian is, however, committed to helping our members get the information, advice, and support they need as soon as they contact us.

Individual Labor Representation

There are no artificial limits to the time Teacher Guardian labor representatives and attorneys will spend with any of our teachers. For every issue a teacher brings to our attention, we will spend the time necessary to understand each situation, review documents, research issues, and provide options and advice. Should a matter require representation in person, Teacher Guardian will provide one of our labor representatives or attorneys to sit with our member through investigative interviews and through the entire disciplinary process, should one ensue. With Teacher Guardian, we have our members' backs until the end.

No Politics

Teacher Guardian does not engage in any lobbying or political activism. We are focused on our primary and only mission of providing services to teachers so they can concentrate on what they love to do: teach. Certainly, public education is a politicized institution and teachers should have a voice in the debate. Most of Teacher Guardian's members are engaged in politics in some manner, but not through their membership in Teacher Guardian.


Superior Representation

Teacher Guardian's service model is centered on the premise that our labor representatives and attorneys have the experience and professional skills to provide the best service possible. Just as importantly as knowing the ins and outs of the educational labor system and Education Code, Teacher Guardian carefully vets its professionals to ensure that we all share our primary commitment to serving and supporting teachers.

Questions? Please call us at 844-415-1500